a year ago I met Ian 2 weeks ago. It’s easy to say in a review all the things people want to hear. I have two simple things to say. 1. Ian understood me better than anyone else I know, he even honed in on things about my boredom in certain aspects of my life. 2. He was able to see that I am a person who analyses things and cannot always trust in the things that can help me. So why did I see Ian? I am overweight and want to lose at least 20 pounds. I am addicted to sugary food, especially chocolate, cakes, donuts, and the like. Ian helped me with techniques that have allowed me to relax, focus, and control my mind and actions. I have worked harder and been more productive, I have adjusted eating patterns, I have still had some chocolate and donuts but in a controlled way. I have lost 2 pounds each week since seeing Ian, 4 pounds down and 16 pounds to go. I plan on going back to see Ian again. I want to further develop my mind. So that’s my review. It’s your choice if you want to see Ian, but for me, it was worth it.

Michael Axtell