2 years ago I found Ian through a google search and decided to call him and in just a few minutes talking to him I had already decided to book an appointment. I had spoken to another hypnotist before calling Ian and had spent 15 listening to someone telling me about them. Ian, on the other hand, asked questions about me from the start and I felt he understood me from the start. I went to see Ian to see if he could help me to overcome my fear of public speaking as I need this now for a new job position. This is something that has hindered me my whole life since school age when we had to read out loud in class. Ian taught me 2 techniques that not only made me feel instantly calm and relaxed about public speaking I’m actually excited about trying it out in front of an audience, so I’ve joined a Toastmasters club. I will post another short review once I had actually tried public speaking and let you know how I got on. During the appointment which lasted longer than expected, I felt I had turned a corner and had learnt a new path which, to be honest, I didn’t think possible. After the session, Ian emailed me the methods in a step by step easy to understand guide form. Ian is passionate about helping others and that came through. Ian is ex-military and has seen and experienced life in ways I certainly couldn’t imaging but this has given him a depth that you rarely see in people. He makes you feel at ease, listens, shows you instantly how to change, gives you the method, and teaches you… that you can do it. I’m now looking forward to trying out the new me in front of an audience which are words I’ve never said before. Cheers, Ian.

Kevin Burn