a year ago I visited Ian for a session a couple of days ago after struggling with a bad habit since childhood. I have tried many different ways to stop the habit before visiting Ian but have been unsuccessful, with the bad habit at its worst recently, which is why I thought I needed to see Ian. Within about 15 minutes of the session, after explaining my problem to Ian, he could tell that the way I think and situations I am in with work, etc significantly contribute to my bad habit and went on to explain the reason behind my habit and offered easy to follow and realistic advice to kick it out. As for the hypnotherapy techniques, I was a bit skeptical at first as I have never tried anything like it before. However after my session with Ian, I felt so relaxed and the habit was the last thing on my mind, even after trying to build up the urge to do it! Ian has also taught me techniques to allow me to continue the work he started at home, without repeat sessions. Since I visited Ian, my bad habit has stopped, which is only 2 days, but a fantastic start compared to what it was like prior. I have thought about the habit however it now feels almost stupid that I partook in the habit previously. Not only that but Ian offered advice on other aspects of my life which were causes of my habit i.e. my job, my career as a whole, and way of thinking. I feel that the session is worth more than Ian would ever charge so I highly recommend paying him a visit! Thanks again, Jake.

Jake McGill