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Are you going to find hypnotherapy in Annitsford, Newcastle upon Tyne, and Sunderland for help with confidence building, smoking cessation, or stress management? Quays Clinic can help you. Hypnotist Ian Smith is a highly respected therapist.

What Is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy Annitsford Hypnosis Annitsford Be More ConfidentHypnotherapy is the skill of using the wonderful “tool” of hypnosis to change bad habits, behaviors, and emotions at a subconscious level in a person’s mind.

Hypnotherapy can be used for smoking, weight loss, stress relief, and many other psychological problems.

Hypnotherapy integrates many elements of psychology and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) techniques.

If you are going to use hypnosis in Annitsford to eliminate relationship anxiety, losing weight, or reducing stress symptoms, contact hypnotherapist Ian Smith today.

Hypnosis Is Not The Same As Sleep

Many people do think that hypnosis is exactly the same as sleep. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy have absolutely nothing to do with being asleep.

Clients do not lose any kind of control to any hypnotherapist in Annitsford throughout a treatment session. The client and therapist work together to achieve the desired outcome.

Clients are aware of everything which is occurring during therapy.

Is Hypnotherapy Safe?

Hypnotherapy is completely safe when practiced by a professional hypnotherapist in Annitsford.

If you are going to use hypnotherapy for smoking cessation, losing weight, or managing anxiety symptoms, ensure that the therapist can show you their qualifications.

Hypnotherapy For Weight Problems

Hypnotherapy for weight loss and weight control have been written about in numerous newspapers and health magazines recently.

There likewise has been many different chat shows on television discussing the effectiveness of hypnotherapy for a variety of weight loss problems.

If you haven’t read any of the articles or missed watching the discussions on TV, and you are searching for some weight loss information, contact Quays Clinic for more details.

You Must Be Realistic

It’s important to be realistic when using hypnosis for weight loss.

Hypnosis is remarkable for weight loss, however, hypnosis must be integrated with healthy eating, routine daily exercise, and your own personal determination to become successful.

The change that happens should be a gradual slimming down process which will help you to keep the weight off long-term.

Self-hypnosis should be used to motivate a person to exercise more, eat healthier foods and to eliminate the desire for foods which contain an excessive amount of sugar or fat.

Help With Performance Anxiety

Professional hypnotherapy is very reliable for removing lots of different kinds of performance stress and anxiety issues.

Whatever your issue is with your own individual performance, hypnotherapy in Annitsford will benefit you in many different ways.

Many NLP techniques that are used by qualified hypnotists are very easy to learn which you can use to great effect both at a personal level or in a group setting.

Confidence Building

Many people do periodically experience some form of a confidence problem.

If you lack confidence and require some assistance to boost your confidence in a relationship or at work, hypnotist Ian Smith at Quays Clinic can you.

Get a confidence boost today!

Smoking Cessation Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy for smoking cessation is one typical issue which many hypnotherapists in Annitsford will be asked to assist people with.

If you are trying to find hypnotherapy in Annitsford to quit smoking, it’s very important to remember that you must want to quit smoking for yourself and not just for other people.

You must quit smoking for yourself and not for someone else.

Talk To Hypnotherapist Ian Smith Today!

If you are trying to find hypnotherapy in Annitsford, Gateshead, and Newcastle upon Tyne for help to eliminate a weight loss issue, quit smoking, or reduce stress, contact Quays Clinic.

Ian Smith (Distinction) D.Hyp M.U.F.H Telephone: 0774 3353367.

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