2 years ago Today I met Ian for the first time. I am a 55-year-old man who has sort counselling (including hypnotherapy when I was 17 years old) for numerous issues from anxiety disorders, phobias, depression and addictions. In my 30s I even trained as a counsellor and became an accredited counsellor. But in the end almost 40 years on still suffering to cope with life with various recurring problems. I am a professional man and would risk my own professional and personal reputation in saying that my encounter with Ian today has been what I know will be a life-changing moment. Ian is a wonderful man to meet and it is obvious has worked hard to develop his self-style hypnosis-based treatments for anything you wish to change in your life and any awards he has received are well deserved. We are very fortunate in the North East to have Ian working as a genuine caring and skilful person in the field of hypnotherapy. I will be giving Ian 5 stars after only one meeting. Before I met Ian, I believed I could not be hypnotised. Within a short time of our meeting, Ian showed me how he could hypnotise me, and did. Not only that, he taught me how to safely hypnotise myself to help resolve my issues. My only regret is that Ian was not about 40 years ago, but that’s life. He’s here now and I recommend him without reservation. Any problem you have, have no doubts any time spent with Ian is priceless in how he can change your life. I can’t praise him highly enough. You will be amazed at his skills and ability to change your life.

Mark Slee