a year ago It’s been 11 days since my session with Ian and thought I would give it some time for an honest review. Have to say I can not recommend Ian enough he has worked wonders. I visited for smoking cessation and he made me feel completely at ease. I have been smoke-free from the minute I left his office. I have had no desire or cravings to smoke and honestly don’t feel like an ex-smoker. I feel like I have never smoked before and I have no urge at all. I even look at people smoking and vaping and feel perplexed as to why they would be risking their lives or throwing away cash. Not something I could ever have imagined doing. I can’t even picture a cigarette if I try or build and detainee. The feeling is so bizarre and I can’t believe how easy it has been, Ian is an absolutely first-class hypnotherapist I wish I had visited years ago. Considering another visit in the future for other issues.

Dale O’Hare