2 years ago I saw Ian tonight after living as long as I can remember with a crippling phobia of spiders. I couldn’t even look at a photograph of one. The rituals I had to do to just go to bed at night were ridiculous, every second of my day was consumed with the fear of one appearing, and knowing if I was alone I would have to either leave the house and wait until my husband returned! Within a few minutes of meeting this amazing man, I began to realize there was indeed a way to re-program your mind. He showed me how to self hypnotize which is a marvelous experience. Ian has an incredibly caring way about him which puts you at ease immediately and doesn’t make you feel as if you are being silly. I would urge anybody who is struggling with any kind of phobia to go and let this lovely man work his magic. Can’t thank you enough Ian. Kindest regards Caroline and ex spider assassin the long-suffering Dave!!

Caroline Nicholson